Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Winter Blues

Today I was feeling the winter blues so I knew I had to do something before I slip into a full blown depression. So I know that art heals so I headed down to the studio. I had those sheets of paper that I made over the weekend and thought what can I do with them.

First I decided to try a journal page so I took the first page and sewed it right into my paper bag journal. Then I added an image and paint and so forth and journaled all about wanting it to be spring.

So that had been fun, then I decided I would cut the paper up and make postcards. Using a postcard as a template, I traced on the back and cut them out. Then I sewed a piece of cardstock to the back for mailing.

Then I did another one and added this bird by gluing first and then sewing it down, before doing the backing.

 Then I added some collage elements to the next one.

Oh this was starting to get addicting and so much fun.

Now I had only one sheet of paper left. I really find red hard to work with. I should do it more often and maybe I will get over that color hump.

and here is the last one. Gee now I need to make more paper.

after doing all these I thought I may as well sign up for iHanna's postcard swap. I only need to make 4 more and that will be a cinch. You can sign up here.

The next time you are feeling down, try doing some Art, its might be just the thing you need to do to get back to feeling great again.


  1. Kate, these are great! I like every single one of them! I'm doing the postcard swap, too but after seeing yours I think I better go back and make some better ones!!

  2. I understand how winter can get ya down...but you sure know how to make it feel like spring...Lovely, everyone. Arney is home this week, we have been watching old movies.
    I am looking forward to warm sunny days.
    Think Sunflower, Mary

  3. I really like these, Kate. Now I see how to use the strips. I will try those in my art journal. I am really feeling depressed this time of year, too. I have three more days of writing my book and I'll be READY to really DO ART that's for sure! Peace and love, O

  4. Your winter blues piece is stunning. It shouts out tranquility, hope, contemplation and sheer inspiration to me. Thank you so much for sharing your immense creativity.
    Lots of love,

  5. Kate: These are wonderful! I love them and your comment about "now I need to make more paper" made me smile. I appreciate your courage in taking on the blues head on. Once more, you are my inspiration. xxoo KateAnn


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