Thursday, August 11, 2011

B.F.'s Daughter

I finished up the altered book journal that I have been working in.  These are the last pages.

I kept the title page so you could see this was called B.F.'s Daughter by John Marquand. I did another doodle over a wash of watercolor. I am really enjoying playing in this way.

This portrait was done on old book pages with pastels. The background is acrylic paint.

The borders on the page were paint chips cut up and then painted over. I like how they add dimension to the page.

This was started long ago, it is found art and by that I mean the woman was pulled from the background. At the time I figured she was giving birth to a baby or a new idea.

This self-portrait I did completely with white gel pen.  I used an old photograph of myself as the model. I was feeling particularly blue at the time so it seemed fitting.

This one is another self-portrait from an even older photo that I found lying around. I thought I would try a face in watercolor.

This is the last page in the book, so I can happily say that this journal is complete.  Ah now I can start a new one.


  1. Great pages, Kate! Love the self portraits. :)

  2. dont you just adore the potential a new sketchbook holds!

  3. Hi Kate...great journal pages! Are you planning to do another altered book journal?...I will stay tuned to find out. Have a great weekend!!


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