Monday, August 29, 2011

On to Montana and Idaho

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Our first destination was Missoula Montana which is a 5 hour drive. We like to stop in Dell along the way.  They have this great old restaurant that has excellent food.

We were greeted to a new sign inside, what a great version of the keep calm signs you see everywhere.  I'll second that advice.

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In Missoula we stopped at the Import Market to get some more of these. We wanted some more small bowls and lunch plates.  The Import store has the largest selection of open stock Fiesta Ware in the area.

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The new color Marigold is really gorgeous. I had to add this one to the colors I already have.

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We had to get a pizza at MacKenzie River Pizza Co, one of our favorite places to eat.

Then I had to stop at a craft store to get these. Just a few papers, a stamp, carving rubber and some stamped twill tape.

On to Northern Idaho

We headed to Northern Idaho to bike on the Trail of the Coeur d'Laines. It is a 73 mile bike trail that was created on an old rail road bed.  There are numerous places where you can get on the trail.  We camped near Harrison, Idaho so we got on the trail there.  It is the most scenic part of the trail,  right along several lakes. The first day we biked 22 miles which is the longest I have ever gone. The other days we did shorter distances and it was a lot of fun.

We stopped for a break and had some lunch, with my favorite kind of bagel and yogurt.

These osprey's were nesting out in the middle of the lake near one of the stopping points.

I saw several sailboats that looked so inviting.

Sometimes the trail went through the woods.

The scenery was often breathtaking.

I saw this purple martin bird house in the town of Harrison.  I thought it looked so neat.

With all these lakes there were bound to be lots of boats. This houseboat was tethered right near the trail. I really wished I could have gone out in it.

Travel adventures continue tomorrow.


  1. sounds like a fun trip! my dad lives outside dillon, montana so i am familiar with the mt places you visited.

  2. It's fun seeing the pictures of your trip, Kate! xoO

  3. That pie sign really caught my eye. Great advice!!

    Looks as if you had a fun vacation with good food and even a little bit of shopping. The paper on top looks beautiful!

  4. sounds like a fine trip ! enjoy enjoy enjoy !


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