Friday, August 26, 2011

Collage and portraits part deux

Here are some more of the collages I did last week.

In this one I used a spray painted background and I added a new supply that I just love.  On the right is some tape made by Tim Holtz. Its called tissue paper tape.  The cool thing is that it looks different depending an the paper or paint you use underneath it. It comes in a two roll package with two different designs.

I got the idea of doing a zentangle border and it turned out it was fun to do. I think I may have to do this again. I have had this picture of dogs for a long time.  I always wonder what it is they are thinking.

I did a few portraits too.  This one is done in graphite.

This one I drew with Inktense Pencils and then added water and the colors came about a bit bright.  This style is a little different for me but it was fun.

I drew this lady and then painted her with water colors.  Then I added her to a background I made earlier.

In my next post I will talk a little bit about my trip and share a few highlights.

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  1. I really like this Kate...I didn't know about the tissue tape, but it looks really fun. I have the washimatta tape from Japan, which is like this, but not as many designs. I use it to prep my written journals, along with stamps. I should show that on my blog sometime...Thanks for the idea :) xoO


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