Monday, August 1, 2011

A Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window... It is raining and we expect three days of the same. I am enjoying hearing the sound of rain. It is so soothing to hear the sounds of water.

I am thinking that I haven't shared a self portrait in some time, so I snapped one yesterday

I am thankful for the richness of my life.

In the kitchen there is not much going on, just a little cleaning up to do.

I am wearing yellow and green starred pajama pants, a sage green top, and my crocs.

I am creating lots of journal pages in my altered book journal. It is almost complete just a few more pages and I'll be moving on to a new book. I love completing a book and of course I love starting a new one too.  They are always filled with possibilities.

I like the old world feel of this one.

This chronicles my creative dilemma  on some days.

You may recognize the crow, well I decided to add a house to the other side of the page.  I used all the paint samples I had picked up to paint my weaving studio.  Even the white for the window came from paint chips.  What a great use for items I would have thrown away previously.

I like to think of these three as my guardians or helpers, or maybe they are just friends who stand by me.

I am going to town in a little while, a trip to the Dr's to get my BP checked, a workout at the gym and a stop at Michaels and Tuesday Morning as I need a birthday present.

I am reading The Discovery of Witches, its a big thick book and a very good story so far.

I am looking forward to getting my loom warped, all 830 threads, it may take all week but I want to get working on the project so I have to get to work on it.

I am hearing Van Morrison in the background.  I love the new software Spotify, it lets you listen to anything.

Around the house all is quiet, Dave has gone to work out and Sarah is still asleep.  Its just me and the animals and the sounds of the house and the rain outside.

I am pondering when I will be able to work in some time to work on my e-book.  I seem to have lost the excitement about it.  I need that back to finish editing it and get it out into the world.

One of my favorite things lately is to spin yarn and watch Doc Martin on Netflix. I am getting lots of spinning done as I work my way through all the episodes of this fun British comedy.  It is set in Cornwall so I am loving the setting as well as the story and all its fun characters.

A few plans for the rest of the week: The usual, laughter yoga on Tuesday, meditation on Wednesday afternoon. Thursday includes my Spirit Book club where we are discussing After the Ecstasy the Laundry which is an awesome book.  Friday I get to go to a Birthday Party Tea at the Stillwater Mansion.   Plus some time for art and other creative projects in between it all.  It will be a fun week.

I hope you have a fun week as well, you can check out other posts of this type here.


  1. I liked hearing about your days and schedule, Kate. Your journal pages look great! xoO

  2. Is Stillwater in WI or MN? I do believe I have been there; there may be another somewhere else too I guess.
    Glad you are having so much fun doing so many things in so many different places.

  3. How wonderful, sounds like a smooth week! :]
    I really like the 3 gals on this art journal page... perfect just the way they are <3
    Have a fun trip to Michael's craft store. I always feel like a kid in a candy store, when I'm there.

  4. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. :) It's always nice to read what people are doing in everyday life. :) Love your selfportrait. I wish I could look this good in random shooting. :) I always end up with a weird expression on my face.

  5. Wow! So many things here to comment on. I like the self portrait of you in the car. And your journal pages really caught my eye. I especially like the three guardians. Your paint chip house reminded me of those commercials on TV where they create whole scenes using paint chips. I love them!

    Doc Martin was one of my favorite series on Netflix....and I also loved Monarch of the Glen.

  6. As a SWD newbie I'm enjoying the glimpses into other peoples lives as I visit everyone participating this month.
    Doc Martin was a great series and Port Isaac where it is filmed is a very beautiful part of Cornwall. There should be a new series in the fall.
    Maggie @ justbooks

  7. Just love the journal pages you shared with us.

  8. Great works, especially the painting of the bird. Glad you're finding (or just making) time for all that important stuff!

  9. So interesting to get a sneak peek into others' lives... Thanks for sharing.

    I really like the blue and green tones in your journal pages. Very soothing.

  10. sounds like a busy schedule - love what you did with your paint chips... I have dozens of them around.. I love going to home depot and just collecting them dreaming of things I am going to do... going - no do.
    cheers, dana

  11. nice to have a look into your days ... and I like the crow on the page... the black against the blues were amazing...xx


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