Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fearless Painting

I was listening to a video last night and felt like working in a journal as I listened.  I grabbed the first art supply I could see.  She was created using Faber-Casteel Gelatos, a water soluble oil pastel.  I didn't use water on these though, I just applied and used my fingers to blend.

Fearless Painting

I have long been fascinated by the Fearless Painting Course BIG put on by Connie at Dirty Footprints Studio.  I have seen the work posted by other people and almost signed up once but it wasn't a good time.  Then I really didn't want to spend that much money on a class.  So recently Connie offered this free workshop called Total Alignment on her site. She basically explains some of her ideas and gets you started in the Fearless Painting Process.  There are 4 things you need to be able to do.  They are as follows
1. paint a scribble
2. paint a line
3. paint a shape
4. paint with the enthusiasm and non judgement of a kindergartner. ( that is the hard one)
Oh plus its not about the painting, its about the process, how you feel and all that. So paintings can really look like crap but that is ok.  I  have to keep telling myself that.

So I took the bait, I decide to tack cardboard on my wall and just tape poster board to it.  She wants you to paint standing up and I don't have an easel for that. I just happened to have saved a big cardboard box so I was all set.

She recommended using Liquitex Basics paints, so I got a couple colors from Michaels and began my first fearless painting.

I am not a fan of pink so when I went for that color first I thought I am really following my muse and not questioning and that is what you are supposed to do.  When I look at the painting I see all the flaws, like the houses are supposed to be on her shirt where now it looks like she is standing behind them. But I also think oh that is ok, I learned something with this painting and I had fun making it.  Painting big is so different.  I encourage you to check out Total Alignment if the process interest you at all.  There are five videos all set up to help you to connect to you artistic source. Even if you don't want to paint big I think the videos have some great information.  I know I can't wait to do another painting now.

So it was off to Michaels for some more colors and when I got to the checkout I discovered I could get 40% off the price of my total acrylic paint purchase.  Now it was such a deal I went back and got a few more colors. Seems like I was meant to do this.


  1. Wow... you are "FEARLESS"!
    Love your process, thank you for sharing, your work looks fantastic! :]
    Go girl, go...

  2. I like that you made how it came out OKAY! I like her standing behind the houses and thought this gave the painting a lot of interest.

  3. You're definitely painting fearless! I love the bigger painting you did. And whether the houses are on her shirt or she's standing behind them really doesn't matter because we'll each see them differently. It's all good!!

  4. I like seeing your "mistakes" too, Kate. It helps me to realize that we ALL have them! I think your new fearless painting looks different from your usual work--I always think it is brave to venture out and do something different! xoO

  5. I don't see mistakes - I just see play, letting go and going with the flow. How marvelous !

  6. I think I might do a journal page this morning before finishing off some crochet projects...and it is all because of you!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Ciao Bella
    Creative Carmelina

  7. Looks good Kate. I thought you painted her behind and overlooking the houses on purpose. Like maybe she was the spiritual caretaker of the occupants. I think your muse meant it to be that way. Love the colors. xo


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