Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Still Drying Out

Fixed the leak, cleaned up most of the mess, I have a fan on one section making sure all those nooks and crannies get dried out. I have cleaned out one space so I can work on a little bit of art.

Here is some behind the scenes video on the making of the Hobbit. The exciting news is that this time Hobbiton will be a permanent settlement so geeks like me can go to New Zealand and visit it. If you liked this go look at the other 4 vlogs they have done. Wow New Zealand is an amazing place.


  1. I'm glad you got your water leak taken care of. That is not a fun thing. Did you ever find out anything about your old book?

  2. The water mess is a big bummer. We had that happen once. My journal was on the floor near bedside along with other priceless books.

    NZ sounds like a great destination.

  3. Good to hear that you have created a space to make art.!!! :]
    Wishing for a fast recovery...
    sending you some Sunny California sunshine your way.
    ( It was 89 here yesterday and 84 today)

  4. Thank goodness the leak wasn't as bad as expected. I'm sure you'll be back in your studio before too long. If you were having our weather it would dry out quickly. It's already 70º at 1PM.

  5. Yikes, not fun at all. I hope by the time you read this all will be done and you will be creating....Hugs, Mary


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