Thursday, January 19, 2012

Just Playing Around

This two page spread started with leftover paint from my palette. I do like to use up excess paint but sometimes when I slather it on a page and it dries its not so pleasing. So I added layers of stamping and then saw this lady hiding inside. So out she came and it became even more fun to add the castles.

This is a collage I did while listening to a vido conference call. I got so lost in the piece that I found I wasn't paying attention to the call. Oops.

I am finding this week to be incredibly busy.  My daughter is moving out, heading to Portland to find her future. So there are all these last minute things to help her with. I am taking the Muse facilitators course with Jill Badonsky, so for the next 11 weeks I will be immersed in the Muse's. Its bound to be lots of fun.

What fun things have you decided to do this year?


  1. I had a chuckle when you said you weren't paying attention to the conference call...that shows you were really immersed in your art. Love both these pages!

  2. I can really see the story in these pages, great work!!
    I want to get back into painting on canvas... very relaxing for me.
    Also, doing more art journaling this year.
    Happy "Arting" :]

  3. Fun PLay ! Much more fun that conference calls !

    I have decided not to do too much planning this year and let what wants to come into the picture come to me. I do have a trip to FLA in Feb. to meet up with some blog friends, and a chance of going to Art is You retreat in October. Other than that, I am doing like my word for the year says : I am going to LIVE each precious moment that I can.
    Cheers, my friend !


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