Monday, January 30, 2012

A light bulb as a starting point

This started out as a page with left over paint on it.  There was a lot of brown, not a color I gravitate to.  But I stuck with it, I added some yellows and blues and it came to life. The stenciling was done with colorwash inks.  The tape is some of Tim Holtz tissue paper tape and some others that I had on hand.  I was attempting to write with a script liner and some acrylic ink.  The white ink I have is all gloppy so it doesn't work the best but it is an easy way to do lettering.  Thanks to Jolene for telling me all about it.

This is an exercise we did in the Muse Facilitators Training I am taking.  We started with a lightbulb.  After I drew the light bulb I decided it looked like a woman with a long neck. I used Carb-Othello pastel pencils and neocolor II watercolor crayons.

I was watching a video on FB the other day and the artist talked about taking all those pencils we have in tins and putting them is cups and boxes so we can use them easily.  I thought oh she is right, so now I have all the pencil sets and crayons out of the tins and right on my table.  I am sure I'll use them more now.  I kept the tins because they do seem to be the best way to travel with pencils.  The pencils in this piece are some I haven't used in ages, mainly because I forget about them.

Do you have supplies you don't use because you forget you have them.  Are all your pencils still in the tins they came in?


  1. Looks like you really got into the making of these pages.

    I have some supplies in cups and boxes within easy reach but not enough space on my desk top to keep them all out. I do use the easy access ones a lot more !

    Happy Creating !

  2. Fun pages! Many of my art supplies are in open containers on my worktable but I don't have enough space for all of them. It does make it easier to think about using them when I can see them.

  3. Yes!!
    I couldn't agree more... got to have everything out, ready for that light bulb when it comes on. :]
    This also brings a wonderful element to your creative space.
    Wishing you "A COLORFUL LIFE!" ((hugs))

  4. What a great idea! I have some old ones in cups and I use those. But the nice ones (like Inktense) are still in the tins and I never use them! What is the rule that they have to stay in the tins? I like how the colors are organized by gradations...but still, if they aren't used, who cares? Very nice idea, xoO


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