Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Finding TIme For Art

Its been a few day since I have been able to blog. My daughter moved to Portland so time was spent helping her to get ready. Plus having a going away party and attending a weekend spiritual workshop I did not have time for a whole lot.

I had insomnia last night and it gave me the time to do some art. Just playing with some of my favorite colors is always fun.

Sometimes when I have a detailed background I find myself covering most of it up.  Do you ever do that? Mixed media is like that sometimes.  You never know what you will end up with when you start out.

This page I didn't have any gesso or anything on it so first I drew the bird and used sharpie markers to color it in, I added the tree and did the same.  I used gelatos to color in the background, I like how easily they blend together.


  1. Kate, I like all of these pages. I've been using a lot of blue lately, too. And you're right about the gelatos. They blend so beautifully. I like using mine. (Thank you!)

  2. Lovely pages, Kate!
    I have noticed this as well, I have been attracted to different shades of blues... maybe it is winter that calls us to these colors?
    If I really dress up my backgrounds, it is really difficult for me to cover them. I tend to add get a hint of the message, or a few small elements to the page.
    Happy Thursday! :]


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