Monday, January 2, 2012

A Surprise In My Studio

I spent the morning watching video's for Life Book and then cleaning the kitchen. So I head downstairs to the studio because i was downloading something on my computer.  Download is complete when I see it.  Water on the floor, under one of my tables.  I look up at the small window in the room but do I see dripping, no.  I do see all the stuff on the floor though. Stuff that is now wet, some of it ruined.

Call the hubster.  We find water on the other side of the room too. We have to move half the stuff out to get to the wall where the pipes are.  Some of the walls are just paneling so they have to come down and then we eventually find the leak.  Its coming from the upstairs bathroom.  So we can't use the sink or shower.

Meanwhile I discover a book I was going to alter soaked, all the scrap foam core, soaked, roll of red rosin paper only soaked about 1" at the bottom. I am sure that is just the beginning.

Now he is trying to fix bu he can't get the pipe unscrewed.  We may endup with a plumber at the house before long. I hate to think about how long it will be before I have a studio back again. I may be going to the gym just to get a shower taken.  I hope this is not as bad as it seems.


  1. Oh, no! We've been through something similar here a few years ago. It's not fun and it can be expensive. I hope your repair is quick and easy and you can get back to your studio soon. If not, just come down and play in mine!

  2. I too hope that it's not as bad as it seems, Kate. What a new year bummer. Once I went into my bedroom and the master hot water tank had had the bottom fall out of it with a whole tank of water everywhere. We ended up having both of our tanks replaced because the other one was right ready to go. Life's interruptions...we make plans and God laughs, right? Wishing you a better day, xoO

  3. Oh no! I'm so sorry. Why does it seem that water only leaks where there is paper to be ruined? I hope it is not as bad as it seems too.

  4. Oh no! Kate! I hope they find the leak and the damage is less than you think.
    Your bag in the post below is wonderful...did you use a pattern for it? You can answer sometime after your water problem is fixed...good luck on that!

  5. Life - it always seems to throw us curve balls - As I get older I find I can roll with them a little better, but interfering with the studio, that takes the cake. Hope you get your space back soon. I love your bag - the colours work so well together. Oh and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  6. so sorry to hear about the leak - such a major inconvenience! hopefully, it will be fixed soon so you can get back to creating. hang in there - i'm sending you positive vibes for strength.

  7. Oh my GOODNESS!! So sorry, Kate! *hugs*
    I do hope you get things under control and find light at the end of the (in this case) piping.


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