Thursday, February 2, 2012

There Be Fairies Here

I have this book on drawing fairies and decided it was time I explored it a little bit.

This is pretty much a copy of a pose in the book. I used WC crayons, fluid acrylics and twinkling h2o's in  a moleskin WC sketchbook.  It was fun I want to do more now.

Then I played with some of the wings styles in the book.  These were drawn in pencil, then I lined it in Pitt artist pen, erased the pencils and colored it in with Twinkling H2O's which are little watercolors that have a shimmer effect to them,

Then I tried a another fairy, I modeled it after one the fairies in the book but with more of my style.  I am really enjoying doing these little drawings.  She was created with Derwent and Caran d' Ache watercolor pencils and Neocolor II watercolor crayons and Faber-Casteel Pitt Markers.

This moleskine water color journal I have been using is probably my least favorite journal.  The paper is really thin.  I have compensated by using it for collage and other layered techniques.  I can see now it is ideal for drawings like these. So now that the journal is almost used up I found a use for it.  I would have loved to fill this whole journal with these fairy experiments but alas I only have a couple pages left. Has that every happened to you?

If I didn't have enough irons in the fire I decided to add another class.  I have just become enamored with Jane Davenport.  I have seen her work before but it was not until I saw her interview with Tam as a part of Life Book that I really got to know her a little better. So I checked out her website and all the video's she has on her site. What a fun person she is.

Remember the other day when I was talking about using all my pencils, well Jane is teaching a course called Supplies Me, where she really takes you on a journey with your supplies.  There are weeks with colored pencils, watercolor, pastels and pens and markers and acrylics.  Since she is know as the Queen of Art supplies I know I'll be learning new techniques and really be able to feel like I am getting my moneys worth out of all the things I have bought. I have all these markers that I rarely use so it is going to be great to learn how to use them in new ways.  The class is just started but its ongoing so you can step in at any time.  To learn more about Supplies Me you can go here. And yes you can be certain I will be sharing all the fun work I'll be doing in this class.


  1. These are so sweet, I do love fairy must be the child in me...hugs, Mary

  2. I like your faries Kate! Have fun with that class!!!

  3. Fun with fairies !

    My new moleskine watercolor pages are not thin - I wonder if they have improved them or if I have a different kind ? It would be fun to have a whole book of these little watercolor drawings ! You could always start a new one. I look at it as on the day I die, my journal will have some empty pages in it, so why worry about that today ? ;-)
    Happy Creating ! Love Jane too !

  4. The fairies are so different...I enjoy that we benefit when you try something new because you share it with us. I think that although they are different, they look fun to try...xoO


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