Friday, February 17, 2012

Bubbles of Joy

 I took part in this a couple of weekends ago, see if you can find me. It really was a lot of fun. Although they let you embed this video it appears that you have to go to YouTube to watch it but its worth it so enjoy.

I did another Fearless painting for Total Alignment. This time I got the bird in but not what I intended. I guess I should just stop intending anything. I think it the silliness of these paintings that make them so fun to do. Have you had any silly fun lately, I think its the best kind to have.

I took my sketchbook and pencils to a cafe yesterday and this is what I drew,   It is definitely challenging when you can't erase. My little trick when I make a mistake is a little thinned out gesso. I think I need to find a tiny bottle to take along with me with my traveling kit.  This was sketched in a Canson mixed media journal. I have also discovered I really do like sketching on gesso. I have been using Liquitex brand for that and it works fabulously.


  1. Your silly fun is wonderful! We need to get together soon. I'm in the middle of a bit of a fibro flare, but when it passes, we need an art day FOR SURE!

  2. I've not done any art in cafes for agggges, fair miss it now you've mentioned though I didn't realise till you did, strange lol love your work, can definitely see some fearlessness in the painting, not silly at all, has joy & freedom to it :) x

  3. I found you Kate, blowing bubbles at that little boy in the grocery cart! :) That was a fun video that makes one feel good to watch it. xoo

  4. I like silly fun, although I haven't had any lately. I found you too, Kate! xoO

  5. Loved the video! Thanks for sharing it.
    Your little bird painting is fun! Keep at it!

  6. Hi Kate...I really like your "fearless" pieces. You must be doing that year long workshop. I like your idea about sketching on gesso.

    I hope you are having a great weekend!

  7. Love the video and have passed it along to friends. Thank you for the Saturday morning smiles!


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