Monday, February 6, 2012

Working In A New Journal

I got a new book to make into a journal for the Supplies Me Class with Jane Davenport. Its an old book on whaling. Its bigger than the other books I have altered and I think I am going to like the size.

After gessoing the page I put down strips of collage material from old books, music collections and some wallpaper.

Then came a layer of alcohol ink.

I added stamping to the background using a script stamp and then some of my hand carved stamps. I like hte texture it added to the background.

I drew a face which I have marked out in gesso.

Then I painted the face using Golden Fluid acrylics. She sort of looks like an old world portrait to me.

At this point I lowered the neck on her dress and decided to make a dress from some gorgeous paper I have. I am not sure if the red dress goes with the purple hair but I went with it anyways.

For the opposite page I wrote a letter to accompany this portrait sent from one artist to another.  As you can see they both seem to know the model.  I used a simple piece of  beige paper that I added some brown edges to that got a little out of hand but I like the messy look.  I used a dip pen and ink to write the note and attached it with Tim Holtz tissue paper tape.

Here they are both together.  These pages didn't  not turn out as I had planned at the beginning. They reallyy evolved to become their own thing. I really had to follow the muse with this one.


  1. I love it when a page goes somewhere you never expected. Perhaps this is an ancient relative of yours ? She looks a little like you.
    Have fun in the playroom !

  2. How fun to see this page grow! Live ART!!!

  3. Thanks for showing the process. I like the red dress with purple hair! You know me, anything purple is always good!

    Working in a larger book should be lots of fun. I prefer to work bigger even though at first I thought working smaller would be easier...not true.

  4. This was fun... got to see you create from start to finish, love it!!
    She is beautiful, the blue hair... it is all her. :]
    Thank you for sharing your talents, always.

  5. I like how these evolved! The class looks to be really a lot of fun. I think her dress goes great with the blue hair...xoO


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