Friday, February 24, 2012

Too Much Going On

This week has been just full of the non-normal as I would call it. My daughter came home to move all her belongings back to Portland. She used our truck so now need to bring it back. Lots of driving for her and the BF but way cheaper than renting a Uhaul. I was missing her when I did these pages. Then my husband had another stroke in his eye, the other one this time. It was not as severe but still worrisome he had an ultrasound done on his arteries and heart yesterday but we have not gotten the results yet. He still can see but not very well.  I have also been suffering from my first cold in several years.  I forgot how miserable they can be.

I have only a few pages left to do in this small altered book journal and I had several pages with backgrounds already done but no inspiration came when I looked at the colors. They were beautiful backgrounds and I would look at them and go blank so I just closed the book. So when I found myself feeling down I had to remind myself how healing art is. These simple collages and wrinting resulted.

I loved this picture of this woman and wanted her joy of life back, so I just slapped her on the page and wrote. Sometimes that is all you need do. The art doesn't have to be fantastic or any such thing but just fun, something to get you out of your situation and immersed in something else. It worked for me the morning I made these pages.

I am planning on spending my day reading this. It's the sequel to Across the Universe, a young adult Scifi novel that I really loved. I love it when authors are really consistent. The story takes off right where the original ended. The writing is good, the world building amazing and the story has me in its grips. Now what more would you want from a book. Beth Revis has done a fabulous job.


  1. Oh, Kate, I'm so sorry that you have had such a rough week. I hope that your husband is able to find a solution with his eyes. I know how frustrating all the tests and waiting can be. Enjoy your reading day and hopefully you will have a better week.

  2. I too am sorry Kate. I was hoping for good news about your husband's other eye, too, but maybe there still will be. Still...what a week. Still it is inspiring to see that you still created art. Be well, feel well, and special thoughts and prayers for your husband, xoO

  3. You had a really tough week. I hope your husband is better and that the doctor can find out what's causing his problem.

    Relax and enjoy the book. Hopefully next week will be a lot better.

  4. Thinking of you with loads of love for you both!!! Love, Mary

  5. I really like your journal pages, and especially like the way you described that one...wanting that girl's "joy of life" back. You can see that joy in her face and smile. I hope you can get there. I wish it for everyone. Hang in there Kate. xo

  6. Oh my... sounds like you are under a lot of stress! So very sorry to hear about your husband, wishing for the best. ((hugs)) Hope you recover quickly from your cold, loads of rest my dear...
    Enjoy your book, and yes art does heal. Keep journaling... prayers to you and your family <3


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