Friday, February 10, 2012

Colored Pencil Faces

In my class this week we are drawing with colored pencil.  These are the faces I have tried. I am finding this very relaxing and challenging too.  I have been using Prismacolor colored pencils.  They are the ones that I have the most colors in.  I find the other sets I have a little limiting with only 24 colors.  I think I must have over 50 Prismacolor pencils I know I bought a set of 48 and then lots of singles too.  It would be amazing to have the full range of colors. We are drawing bodies too but I have not managed to do those yet.

I have been spending the last 2 mornings babysitting a friends 8 month old.  I am training for future grand parenting. I haven't watched a baby in twenty years so its been awhile.  Little Elise is a sweetheart so it was fun but tiring too.

I just had to share our new toaster.  My old toaster was only toasting one side of the bread, so it was time for a new one.  This time we looked on the internet and found a toaster that was rated very highly. I had never heard of the brand Breville before but they do make nice appliances.  This toaster does 4 slices at once, larger pieces of bread and bagels.  It has a setting called Lift and Look where the toast comes up and you can look at it and then it goes down again.  Another setting lets you toast just a little bit more. So yes we have been eating more toast lately. It does a wonderful job with sourdough bread which is what I eat most often.


  1. The faces look great! I have Prismacolor pencils but I've seldom used them on faces. Maybe I need to try this.

    I love toast and your new toaster sounds like a real winner.

    Having a baby around would be so foreign to me! I'd probably have to have lessons in what to do!!

  2. Fun drawings and enjoy your two sided toast too! lol

  3. They look gorgeous! :) Honestly I find it opposite. I buy so many colors and then ending up using only a few. :)

  4. Now that's a genius toaster! I like the lift and look and toast a little bit more settings!! Breville is a big brand here in the UK - but more famous for their toasted sandwich makers!

    Love your faces. I ADORE my Prismacolors. I found an online store locally where I can buy them individually. I find that their waxy quality helps them blend really well and you can layer up the colour. Some are waxier than others though.

  5. Hi Kate...I have been using colored pencils more often lately.Your faces look wonderful...which class are you taking?

    You asked about the Aqua Markers...go to the Dick Blick site and click on Letraset...the ones I have are the Aqua Markers...I noticed they have some with permanent ink also. You must take the letter of the BEST online classes I have taken. I like to doodle but I'm not so great with making different letters...I hope I'm improving.

    Thanks for the info about the toaster...ours is about to die...oh, don't talk about bread/toast...I could eat my weight in bread.

    Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

  6. when you go to Dick on the "L" at the top of the page, then Letraset...I realized too late what I wrote wasn't clear :)

  7. Your illustrations look great!
    Prismacolor pencils are one of my favorite too. :]

    Wow, watching over a baby after 20 years, would drain me too! My grandson is 4 months now, I love spending time with him, but it wears me out!!
    I have not had to take care of a baby in over 19 years!!
    I think back now... where did I have the energy to do all this? (sigh).
    Still love every minute of our time together <3

    I love toast, sourdough bread... even better!! Enjoy!


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