Monday, February 20, 2012

BIG Will Be Next

This is the last painting for Total alignment.  You may wonder, did I plan an angel, no I did not.  I had forgotten the neck so I had to paint over a section.  So when I painted over the dark blue with white the area looked like a wing. So the muse said it looks like you are supposed to paint an angel so I did.

So does this mean its the end of painting like this.  Well in fact no.  I signed up to take BIG next month.  Its a course I have wanted to take for some time now.  I think doing total alignment cemented this for me. I knew it was the next step in my artistic journey.  If you want to know more about BIG just check out the highlighted link above. I know that I will be painting more of these even before my next class starts, basically because they are fun and I think fun is really a good thing.


  1. Love your painting! :]
    Isn't it wonderful how our artful journey, on the canvas... is just that, a "journey".
    Sometimes, we just don't know how it will be in the end.
    Thank you for sharing <3

  2. Lovely painting, Kate! Obviously those wings were meant to be. Isn't it fun to see some of our work turn out different to the original plan. Makes it all the more interesting. :)


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