Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Art From a Friend

I got this lovely piece of art for my birthday from my friend Janet. How cool is that. It was painted on an old book cover. Its going to hang in my studio.

I have been finishing up a journal, just a few more pages to go.

I just love this image, its all starlight and sparkles.

She seemed very sure of herself.

I could use some luxury time in the pool.

I ordered some things from Dick Blick and they came a couple days early.  Now that is exciting.

I can't wait to plat with these. I saw Jane Davenport doing some video's with these markers and they look amazing and quite fun.  My other purchases were a couple of PanPastel colors and some colored pencils.

I recently got some of these babies and oh they are so much fun.  I'd love to have the whole set of colors but that is probably not going to happen any time soon.

This is one of my exercises in BIG, I loved working with these colors.

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  1. Wow, Kate...I love your latest journal pages, and the painting for BIG looks like fun. So many happy colors.

    And having all those new art supplies to play with...I'm definitely green with envy!

    I'm glad you like the little piece of art I sent. It was a fun one to work on. Me and my dots.


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