Friday, March 16, 2012

Finsihed Journal

I finished up the last 2 pages in the altered book journal I started last September.  Both of this pages were found art.  The images were in the background and I just brought them to life.  Now onto focusing on another journal. Its funny that these are the last pages to be finished and yet they are the first pages you see when you open the book. I don't know why I skipped pages when I started the journal in the first place. I tend to skip all around and sometimes I find blank pages or backgrounds done in parts of the book I thought were already completed. Creativity is  not a linear process and that is surely evident in the way I do my journals.

With the finishing pf this journal I came to a conclusion that you might find sort of silly but our minds work that way sometimes.  You will rarely see hands in my journal pages.  Now there is a reason for that and its because I don't draw them well. So I don't know what I was thinking, I know to do anything well you need to practice and if I never draw them I never will be comfortable doing them.  So I am going to challenge myself to do those thing in art that I am avoiding. They include ears and hands.

Do you have anything in your art that you avoid doing?


  1. I like these two pages. They tell me they're moms and daughters. And the moms are there protecting and watching over the daughters.

    I have trouble with hair, hands, and ears...and sometimes with noses. I guess I have lots of things to practice! :-)

  2. We all avoid things that we are not good at doing. I have a list that would take up many there is a collage to think about..No!!!!!!! have a great weekend, Hugs, mary

  3. Bravo Kate...and these ladies are terrific. Love them each and every one!

  4. Wonderful journal pages...
    That is the great thing about art journaling, no rules all play!! :]
    Also, when I look back, I find "self discovery" in my work.
    Thank you for sharing, Kate.

  5. Yes, we have to be willing to experiment and make mistakes to move forward, to do things badly, and then better and better. I like your pages, xoO

  6. Hi Kate...doesn't it feel great to finish a journal! I have thought about starting at the back of a journal and working towards the front. Great pages!


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