Thursday, March 22, 2012

Under the Weather

We have a little stomach flu going around here so I have not accomplished much this week. Its one of those low grade things where half the time you feel ok and the other half you are pretty miserable.

I wanted to let you all know since I removed the captcha requirement from the commentsI have had some spam issues. I hate that new captcha, half the time I can't read what they are asking me to type in so it is so annoying to me that I did not want to put you dear readers through that.  So I am going to have cut off anonymus commenters.  The best choice seemed to set this up for google accounts.  So if you don't have a google account you won't be able to comment.  I am sorry if that inconveniences anyone but it was the easiest solution to the problem.

We need a little art in the post so here is an exercise from BIG, on shape.  Circles are one of my favorite shapes.  I am off to a Gyno appointment today and a book discussion on a Wrinkle in Time by Madelaine L'Engle.  It should be a good day as long the stomach chooses to cooperate.  Do you have any fun plans today?


  1. I hope you feel better, Kate.

    I know what you mean about those captchas. With older eyes they are such a strain to read. I get about one spam a year or so without them, so it is worth it to me to not have them. I also think that some people don't know they have them since it is the default.

    Today I have a tv repairman coming, then have to drive on the interstate to an errand about a half hour away, then to the bank, then my women's therapy group (on Brene Brown's shame curriculum). In between stretch for plantar fasciitis and keep up on the computer. Typical day...

    Hope your day goes well, xoO

  2. Sorry you have that flu bug. I hope you feel better soon.

    I took word verification off my blog when they changed it. I get some spam comments in my emails but Blogger has caught them all and none of them appeared on my blog.

  3. Oh noooo!!!
    So sorry, you are under the weather, Kate ((hugs))
    Take care of yourself, get well :]
    Wishing you a "speedy recovery".
    Thank you for sharing your some of your art with us today, very nice!
    I tend to use the shape of circles, a lot in my work... they appeal to me, always. :]

    It is a sunny day here, in California.
    Take the dog for a walk, relax in a warm bath later, not much going on with me either.
    Taking things slow...

  4. I hope you are feeling better, Miss Kate !
    I have been hating the new captcha things too ! Feels like a high school iq test or something every time you try to leave a comment !

    Enjoy your weekend. Hopefully there will be lots of time for you and your journal !
    Hugs !


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