Sunday, March 18, 2012

Postcard Challenge 2012- Netherlands

Ok yes I cheated on this one.  I so love this painting I wanted to include it since we are in the Netherlands.  At first I thought I would do my own rendition  and then gave up that idea because it would truly be an insult to Vermeer so I just copied it off the internet and glued it down on my cards.  Vermeer was truly a master.

Now the correspondence continues. Will Nicolai manage to get Louise to travel or not. Will we find out more about her past and his too and what their future holds I guess you'll have to stay tuned.

I broke down and got me one of these. Its a Lamy safari fountain pen.  I really wanted the turquoise one but they were sold out everywhere so I went with basic black. It is rated one of the best fountain pens under 100.00. Its hard to believe there are pens that cost more but there are.  At 26.00 its a bargain. I have heard other artists on line talk about these and rave and now I know why.   I love this pen.  The ink flows out of it effortlessly.  Its is great for writing but also for doodling and zentangles and sketching.  It comes with blue ink but I can't wait for that to run out so I can add some black and take it to town.  There are replacement cartridges or you can buy a converter so you can add your own ink, that is what I did. I got the fine nib but there are several sizes and they are easily interchangeable.


  1. Hey, going with what you love works. And shares knowledge of the original artist with readers!
    Your new pen sounds heavenly!

  2. I too love that painting! Your pen sounds great!

  3. I did the exact same thing when we were in Switzerland, I don't see the problem. We can't be crafty 52 weeks per year...
    And now the story just continues! :)
    Looking forward to next week!!!

  4. Oh Louise I think you should go for it. So exciting. I don't think the postcard police are going to mind about your card this week. :)

  5. This is a lovely painting and it makes a super postcard.
    Jen x

  6. I love the painting too and the book was really great as well.

  7. Love your postcard Kate, one of my favourites. :)
    You are a dream, I went off and bought myself a Lamy Safari fountain pen after reading your post. My 12 year old son and his school friends all use this in class. I have been buying cartridges all this time not truly appreciating the pen! I am off to write a bunch of postcards now...can't wait! I will add this post to my Facebook page to spread the good word. :)
    Jeanne xx

  8. She is totally fantastic! I love that painting. Great postcard!:)

  9. I'm really enjoying this postcard journey with you.

    The new pen looks interesting. I love using a pen and just a few days ago bought a new nib for my dip pen. I'm going to check out the one you bought. There's just something about writing or drawing with ink and a pen that I enjoy.

  10. nothing wrong with a bit of glueing down, and you picked the perfect image.

    I am intrigued with your pen and look forward to seeing results, I have heard a lot of ppl rave about it.

  11. Lovely postcard - old Vermeer was a brilliant artist. I agree totally with your choice of pen. I have a stainless steel Lamy and love it.

    Janet xx

  12. I just watch the girl with the pearl ear-ring. I love to qrite with ink...but this looks like the best...I will have to look for it, somethings are hard to find here.
    Hugs, Mary
    Oh ya!!! love the post card too.


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