Friday, March 2, 2012

Right Brainers in Business Summit

I sketched this lady in one of the many doctors offices I have been in the last week and a half.  With Dave's eyesight problems I have been driving him everywhere. I also tried a colored pencil one but it really didn't turn out good enough to post.  Its hard when you never have any time alone.  Its kind of strange that I want some alone time so I am off in a cafe writing and working on various projects.  So it not like I am alone at all but in some ways I am.  Just not being at home is feeling so good right now.

All week I have been attending the Right Brainers in Business Summit.  Its free and you can still attend next weeks events by going here.  There are upgrades to get all the content from this week too.  This summit has been so amazing.  I thought last years was good but this year has far surpassed it in content, connection and camaraderie. Today's session with Hiro Boga was so fabulous and you can see her video free for the next 48 hours.  I wouldn't miss it, even if you are not in business just her grounding exercise is worth going through.  Jennifer Lee has created an amazing summit.


  1. I hope that all is going well with Dave's doctor visits and that he finds answers and treatment very soon. I empathize because I remember how hard it was to have problems with your eyes that might potentially lead to blindness--you feel so helpless and scared.

    I wish for you time alone or coffee-shop-alone to process things and make art, Kate.

    The summit looks good; maybe (I hope) I will have a reason to attend next year.

    Peace and love, xoO

  2. I hope Dave's eyes improve and you won't have to be spending so much time in doctor's offices although the sketch you did is beautiful.

    Alone time is something I need every day. I always thought it came from being an only child but I don't think so now. It's just the need for that quiet time to be with yourself.


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