Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hoot Hoot, The Owls Are Back

We have been having some beautiful weather so we headed out to a favorite haunt to see if the owl's were nesting yet.


This is the mom, I didn't have my big camera with me so the pictures are not the best but you should still be able to see those pointy ears.

The Dad always seems to be around so we kept looking until we found him too. Great Horned Owls are the most amazing birds.

This is one of those pages I really could not write over.  I need to order some new white gel pens.  I like the Uni-ball Signo broad pens the best. It looks like an order to jetpens.com is coming up. Its a dangerous place, I always spend too much there just so I can get free shipping.

I used some different colors in her face and it was an interesting exercise.  I often use burnt sienna but this time I used red oxide which is more orange in color. She seems pretty stern to me. Its interesting to watch other artists faces over time.  Some paint the same face over and and over again while other are very different but still see to have the same style. I don't think I have ever painted the same look twice although people often tell me my faces look like me. Sometimes I see it and other times I don't. I think the first face I showed on this post looks very young while the second looks older and more mature. The odd thing is I don't know how or why that happened.  I just go with the flow and whatever happens is what I end up with.  Art truly is a journey.


  1. LOVE the owl photos!

    And your faces do look like you very often. I have some of the red oxide paint. Maybe I'll try it on some faces, too. I think the ones I do usually look the same.

    Jet Pens is a dangerous place for me, too!!

  2. lovely owl pictures :) and i tried some coloured pencils in my sketching this week... i need to be more adventurous though - you've inspired me :) xxx

  3. We have owls in common!
    Love your art here...wonderful new faces.

  4. Such wonderful photos, Kate.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Always adore seeing a birds nest!!
    I really like your journal pages, fantastic :]
    I would have to agree with you on jetpen.com, such eye candy, an artists delight.
    Love all that they have to offer...
    I hope to own one, one day, the Lamy fountain pen- Safari Model, has own my heart!! (sigh)

  5. Great journal pages, Kate! Love the owls, too. :) I live in the woods but never get to see one.


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