Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Lots of Slippers

I had friends from Salt Lake up for a long weekend. We ate and spun and knitted to hearts content and watched a lot of Dr. Who. If you like SciFi shows you will like Dr. Who. My friend Cyndi loves it too so we enjoyed watching episodes we had not seen on Netflix.

My friend Cyndi had this great slippers pattern so we all made them. First you knit them and then felt them. This is how they looked before felting. There is also a little sheep I made awhile ago but never finished.

Here are all the slippers all finished. I made the ones with the teal colored yarn, on the upper right. These were really fun to make.  You can use up a lot of small amounts of yarn.  I will be making more of these. I'll show the sheep once she is all stuffed and embellished. It was a great weekend I had lots of fun with my friends.  How did you ring in the New Year?


  1. Those slippers look so warm and snuggly. Sounds like you had a good time with your friends. Our New Year was quiet (as usual)and my son spent his with his sister. Now it's on with 2013.

  2. Oh my... THESE ARE SUPER CUTE... warm and fuzzy!! :]
    Great way to start off the New Year, Kate.
    Had a lot of family & friends over, during the Christmas season... it was nice just to spend it alone with my Husband.
    We both agreed... to not answer the phone if the children were to call. LOL
    Spent the evening with together sharing a bottle of wine next to the fire. :]

  3. These are gorgorous - they look amazing all felted. Dr Who watching - would have loved to join you - sci-fi nut here!

  4. What fun ! You are blessed to have such a good group of friends ! Happy New Year !


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