Monday, January 21, 2013


Thought I would feel great and back to normal today but alas, still feel yucky. Here is what I have been working on. Lady Violet's Dinner gauntlets.  They are inspired by something Maggie Smith wore in Downton Abbey season 1.  They are still unfinished as we get only a small clue each week.  I think we will be working on a lace cuff next week. They have been fun to make so far.

I ordered myself one of these necklaces with my word of the year on it. It will be a great reminder for the whole year. They are from Liz Lamoreaux, I think she does a beautiful job.

I have been prepping some canvas with gesso but haven't felt good enough to paint yet. Hopefully soon. I have been attempting to do this post with my iPad which has been challenging to say the least. How is your day going?


  1. Downton Abbey is one of my favorite programs...and Lady Violet is such a great character.

    What a beautiful idea to have your word on a necklace.

    I hope you feel better soon. I'm sure you're more than ready to get back to painting.

  2. The gauntlets are so pretty !!!
    I dislike the Blogger app a lot on the ipad. Prefer my old pc and Windows Live Writer for that !
    Maybe I still have to figure out the tricks or maybe there aren't any ?
    I hope you feel better soon, Kate. Be good to you !


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