Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Painting Papers

During the time I have been sick I spent some time watching videos on Youtube.  I really liked this person's videos. Her channel  is called littlecanvasses. I am sharing two of them today but I recommend all of her videos. I knew I had to try some of the techniques right away.

I only had 2 sheets of white tissue paper on hand so I painted both of them.

I used the same color palette so they could go together in a project if needed.  The color was added using a gelli plate with stencils and then layers of stamping.

With a close up you can see some of the layers of color.

These pages are so big I can get about 4 journal pages out of them, or many cards. The papers turn out really rich. They photos don't do them justice.

This video is by the same woman and is about painting on newspaper.  I loved this technique.

Here are four pages of newspaper, they were made with gesso, spray inks, paint and stamping ink. I used stencils, foam rubber stamps and regular rubber stamps.

A close up shows some of the layers and texture.

This one is really more blue and green than the photo shows.

Here is a  journal page I did with some of the tissue paper.  It says "She was surrounded by grey skies and winter; but she craved color. I loved  both of these techniques and will be using them often.


  1. Fun paint play ! And the tissue paper and newpaper make great collage elements due to their thinness, don't they ?
    Sorry you didn't sleep but you sure made good use of your time last night !

  2. Thanks for these videos, Kate! I really liked them both and will be trying them out later today. Your painted papers look great. I really like the two at the top of the post...those are colors I use a lot.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  3. BEAUTIFUL Kate!! :]
    Such an enjoyable visit here today... thank you for sharing your work, the process, and the link to these inspiring videos.
    I subscribed to her channel.
    I will go back to view her techniques... inspiring!!
    FEEL BETTER! ~xx

  4. Thanks for sharing these great videos and all the artwork! Looks like a fun project. I love working with the gelli plate!
    Hope you are feeling better.

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