Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Sketches and Downton Abbey

I've been down with a cold and feeling quite miserable but I managed to make a sketch to share today.  As usual other sketchers can be found at Sophia's blog.

Tonight Downton Abbey begins, a series I have been looking forward to. I decided to participate in what is called A Mystery Knit A Long or KAL. The one I joined is tied in with Downton Abbey.  The colorway of the yarn is called Christmas at Downton. I found out about it on the knitting and crochet site Ravelry.

This is what the yarn looks like.  I think its quite pretty. We get our first clue today and will begin making a mystery project. We will get clues every week the show airs.  Initial info told me it has something to do with what the Maggie Smith character wears.  I'll keep you posted on what I end up making. It should be fun.


  1. I hope you feel better soon. With Downton Abbey coming back that should cheer you up. I am excited to see Shirley MacLaine's character. She should be good.

    Beautiful yarn you're using for the secret project. My knitting is confined to anything straight and flat!

  2.'re so lucky. I want to see Downton Abbey but don't have cable TV at this point. Enjoy! And love your sketches. So good to see you back. :)

  3. I am also a fan of Downton Abby...I have my DVR waiting for it to come on incase I get busy doing something else.
    I hope you are feeling better, I have had a sick season so far, but with lots of rest I hope to get stronger. Take care of you Sweet girl, Hugs, Mary

  4. Gorgeous yar ! Have fun with your challenge !


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