Monday, September 16, 2013

Art Date

Friday night I had an Art date at my house with my friend Jolene and new friend Sharon. Jolene has gone back to school and Susan is one of her instructors. They were both delighted to find out that they both loved art journaling. So I set up a place for all three of to work. It was so much fun to create art with others. We three had a blast sharing our work and making new art.

This is Susan, my new art journaling friend. She is trying out some Neocolor II watercolor crayons.

Here is Jolene working hard on her poppies page.

Here I am working on the finishing touches in my journal

Here is just a couple of the many mono prints we made.

These are the 2 pages I finished.  The backgrounds were made with spray ink and stencils.

I loved this image of and older woman with beautiful grey hair.  I added words an ideas that I want to cultivate my entire life.

Getting together with other artists to make art is so fun and rewarding.  Do you have art friends you meet with regularly?


  1. Creating with arty friends is the best!
    I have a group who meet twice a month or so to play. Definitely a treat!
    Happy playing!

  2. I agree with Kim...being able to art with friends is great. Until recently I didn't have that experience but now that I do I really enjoy it. It looks like you all had a very productive evening.

  3. So in awe about your "art-meeting" ♥ wish I had some artsy friends to sit and create together ;) love your page with the women with beautiful curly hair...wonderful contrasts ♥ Conny

  4. I'm a little jealous. I've never created with anyone before, and it looks like such fun. Lucky you!! :)))


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