Monday, September 30, 2013

Reflections On The 29 Faces Challenge

Here are the last few faces from the 29 Faces in September challenge. This is the second time I have done this challenge.  I have learned different things each time. The first time I used different art supplies each day. This time I decided to work on different facial views, some profiles and 3/4 and I tried drawing braids.  I did more sketching and less painting this time. Its always a journey I feel that my faces always look better at the end of the month. Practice does make perfect.  It takes challenges like these to make me do all the practice. I am grateful to take part. Here are the rest of the faces I drew this month.

Face 23

Face 24

Face 25 and yes this is a self portrait.

face 27

Face 28


Face 29

So where is face 26 you might ask?  I am counting my Oracle painting and #26.

Do you like to do challenges? Do you think they help or do they take up too much of your time?

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  1. Challenges don't always work out for me. Sometimes I'm okay with them but other times I get bogged down and lose my creativity. I like that you finish yours, and I like all the faces you did. For now #23 is my favorite but I also like the self-portrait and #27.


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