Monday, September 23, 2013

More Faces

Its Sunday night as I sit here writing this. I got a big disappointment yesterday. I had sent my journal full of the drawings with writing incorporated into them to Art Journaling Magazine. They accepted it and I was told I'd be in the gallery section of the October issue. Well the issue is out and I discovered that what they put in the gallery section was not any of my drawings but the cover of the journal. Very disappointed at what they did. Its hard not to take it personally.  So some retail therapy was in order.

So I took myself down to Michaels and got some of new graphite pencils and these metallic Faber-Castell pitt pens. They are pretty nice.  There is nothing like a new art supply to help soothe a soul.

This is face 20. I painted her on watercolor paper with acrylics, her dress was made with gelatos and a wet brush. I cut her out and then added her to a background made from a gelli print. I like the way the braid came out but I think she came out a little stern.  It seems to be hard for me to get a smile with a profile. Just need to keep trying till I get it right.

This one is just graphite in my sketchbook.  It is getting difficult to come up with something new to say about all these sketches. I'll be happy to finish up this challenge.


  1. I had a cranky day last week myself, and my cure was some great at supply retail therapy. With Curry's AND Micheals having their fall/back to school sales on right now, it's sooooo hard to resist. With some new arcylic markers and paint brushes to work with my day felt so much better.

    Enjoy your new supplies!!!

  2. Art supply therapy is always a bit of a boost. Sorry your work didn't get the attention you wanted. That is disappointing.
    Hope you keep your creative joy on high anyway !

  3. Love your colorful painting..the background is amazing and I love her position and her hairstyle...the pitt pens are gorgeous I admit!! ♥ Conny


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