Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lady in Lavender - 29 faces

Its time to catch up on all the faces I did for the 29 faces challenge this past week.
My lady in lavender was done with PanPastels on watercolor paper. She seems to be an elegant lady from another time.

This one is in graphite.  I did this while watching my team the Packers play football.

Then I did this one since I was a day behind.  My quest continues on learning to draw braids. I will get it one of these days.

This was my attempt to draw an older woman.  I was using an ebony pencil and it worked very different from my usual graphite pencils.  I found it to be very challenging.

Next I pulled out my artist oil pastels.  It was hard doing the eyes because they no longer have a point on them. This one went through a lot of layers to get her to look right.I am finding this second half of the challenge to be, well challenging.  Its at the boredom stage when I think oh I have to do a face again.  That when I try a different medium or mix it up a little to make it exciting. Often when we push through the boredom we grow or gain some insight. I think I learn something from each portrait.


  1. I especially like that lady in lavender. She looks quite elegant.

    Unlike you, when I hit the boredom stage I usually just quit! You, on the other hand, keep going and learn something. I admire that about you.

  2. Oh thanks Janet, I have had my share of challenges that I gave up on too. I figure I got from them what I needed so i don't feel guilty about moving on. I like this face too, she looks like a movie star from the 40's to me.

  3. Are any of these your heroin in your book?

    1. Shirley, no they aren't but I should draw and paint her and some of the other characters too.


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