Thursday, September 19, 2013

Prayer Flags A guest post

I am honored to be posting on my friend Kelley's blog today. I met Kelley at the Writer's Spa in Taos a few years ago.  I was so fortunate to have her as a roommate.  Although we went there as writers, we soon realized we were both art journaler's. We had both brought our journals and supplies so we had impromptu journaling sessions.  We've stayed in touch every since. This is one online friend that I met first and then continued the connection.

Kelley has been doing a series all week on prayer flags, in her first post she goes into the history of prayer flags and the post is full of information and great photos. On day 2 she has a video on gypsy prayer flags that she has made, you can see that here.

 For her third post, I am a guest poster, you can see that here. I share my experience with prayer flags when I was ill a few years ago. I have also included pictures of the flags when I got them and how they look now worn and faded.  Its a great story and Kelley has done a wonderful series all week.  Make sure to check it out.

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  1. Your guest post is great! I enjoyed making one of the prayer flags for you. I think they are a great way to bring art and healing together.


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