Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Connecting Writing And Art

I have these odd silhouettes that were given to me years ago.  I often pull them out to use and then decide I don't want to use them.  So this one was lying around my desk. I liked it over this background. Doesn't that blob on the left look like Africa? I see now I could have made a map out of this page.  Sometimes it seems like I don't see things in my pieces until a photo is taken.  I wonder why that is?

This is the second half of the ugly spray ink exploration I talked about in yesterday post. On this side I muted the page with gesso before I drew and painted the trees.  The stencils in the background look like a ghost image. I think I like it.  Happy accidents are fun to discover in your work. I am really loving these trees.

Wouldn't it be awesome to walk into a forest that had trees this color. It reminds me of something I am adding to my novel.  I have no title yet but I thought I might start sharing some little tidbits here on the blog. It's the idea of a feminine forest. One where men have a hard time traveling through and women gain something special from being there. I haven't decided how this forest will look yet, but this is a pretty good start. I like the idea of exploring some things I am writing about in my art journal.  It gives my ideas a little more life, to see them on the page.

Do you have more than one hobby?  Have you found a way to work on them at the same time like a collaboration?  I'd love to hear about it? Leave me a comment about it.


  1. I do indeed have more than one hobby. I adore writing, which is why I began the Blogging 101 course I'm currently on. When I was at Bristol College doing an Access course to Art and Design, my tutor advised me to continue on to do Creative Writing (which I was going to combine with Fashion Design at Bath University) after my 2-year course ended. I could have finished in one year, but when I do something, I like to do it properly, so decided the 2 year option would give me more time to learn the basics.
    Unfortunately, in October of my second year, my mother fell and broke her wrist. We needed to rush back to Spain to help her as she lived (where we live now) in the countryside, about 5 miles away from any town, with no public transport, and she was alone. I could have gone back to the UK after she was better, but my (now ex-) husband wanted to remain in Spain, as did my son - he'd just begun Secondary school and hated the one he had to go to. So that was the end of my writing degree. It's a pity, but as the saying goes, no use crying over spilt milk! I've decided to make the most of NOW and do what I can to write.
    Good luck with your book. I hope to read it one day!

    1. Oraclegaia, thanks for sharing your story, and stopping by.

  2. Yes, the blob does look like Africa :)
    Love the silhouette idea - perfect space to write in, and some more beautiful Kate trees - I love 'em!
    Thanks for your lovely comment on the poem xx

  3. The trees are fantastic! I love the idea of a feminine forest. I've always felt close to trees and include them in some of my art.

    I have lots of things I enjoy doing...art, crochet, knitting, etc but I haven't put them together in anything. I'll have to think about doing that.


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