Monday, September 1, 2014

More From My Landscape Class

My original picture of Mt. Moran in Teton National Park.

First attempt had lots of issues.  Sky too small, mountain in the center of the painting.

Re worked the whole piece by moving everything down, now the mountain is moved over a little bit to the right.  A better composition now. I like this version better. I could fuss with it a bit more but I am ready to move on.

I started with this photo. I stood inside a willow tree as I took the photo.

I used a stabilo pencil and  a Lyra water soluble graphite pencil. Then I added gel medium to blend the pencil. Oil pastel, gave the color. I am using Mungyo oil pastels. They are an inexpensive artist quality brand of oil pastel. I blend them with olive oil and a baby wipe. They are quite fun but messy too.


  1. Kate, these are both really good. I love the mountain scene...and I've always loved standing "inside" a tree and looking through the branches. Great job on these!!

    1. Janet,
      There is something special about trees and that is a view you don't always get unless you seek it out. I am glad you enjoyed it.



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