Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Filling Up The Cart

My cart all filled up. Haven't started using it yet and i have rearranged things already a coule of times. I could have filled up two carts easily.  What this is doing for me is getting supllies out of drawers where I forget about them.

Top has some golden fluid favorite colors, gelatos, high flow golden colors, 
sennelier oil pastels, acrylic ink. tools, paint brushes,

Second shelf has distress ink, dylusions sprays, reinkers, liquid watercolor, gesso
Third shelf has watercolor crayons, oil pastels, pens and markers, baby wipes, ATC gun

So now I can be at my table and wheel the cart right to me and have easy access to so much more. This cart is from IKEA and is made really well. So worth the 49.00 price. If I lived close to IKEA I would go buy another one. It will have to wait until my next trip to Utah which has the closest store.

Another excess paint painting.  This has been on my painting wall for a long time. I keep adding to it when I have excess paint but it doesn't seem to be going anywhere. I am trying to decided to whether take it down and roll it up for later or cut it up for art journaling use.

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  1. $49? Are you kidding?! What a deal! And I love that it's turquoise Kate. What I like is that you can see everything and it's so mobile. I need to go through all of my supplies and do something like this. And give away or put into baggies all the extras and stuff I haven't used and have a pre-Christmas sale. It almost makes me want to go to IKEA. Almost!


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