Monday, January 19, 2015

Books and A Vision Come True

I have started off the new year with some fantastic reading. In this first pile are all the non-fiction books. Show your work by Austin Kleon takes off where Steal Like An Artist began.  It has the same format and is full of gems. The Art of Work is an ARC the book does not come out till March. I am part of a launch team for the book. I'll post  a  proper review at the time. It is all about finding you path or calling and it covers it all.  Excellent book. Drawing and Painting Beautiful Faces by Jane Davenport is fantastic. One peeve of mine on mixed media books is when its full of many artists when you want to see the work of the person whose name is on the cover, not all their friends. Jane delivers here, everything is hers.  She covers her style of faces in many different mediums. There will be an online course to match the book in July. Both The Art of Everyday Photography and The Urban Sketcher are ones I have not gotten into yet but they look great.

Here is a short pile of fiction. Well Women Who Run With the Wolves is not fiction but its part of this pile anyways. The Dragon Heir is the 3rd book is a series by Cinda Williams Chima. Its a YA fantasy set in the modern world. She creates a magical world that is fun to read. Clariel by Garth Nix is a prequel to his classic Fantasy series that starts with Sabriel. I am looking forward to re entering that interesting world. Women Who Run With the Wolves is a book I have had for years but have never read completely. I decided this is the year for it. I found a group of women on Facebook who are discussing it. So that should be a great group to part of.

Remember this vision card I made about self care.  Well its come true.  Initially I wasn't sure why I was attracted to that glass of water but I put it on there anyways.

Then I thought of I should be drinking more water. Perhaps if I had a pretty glass instead of a water bottle I would enjoy it more. So I went out and bought this glass and then threw in a slice of lemon. It feels like I am out to dinner now, its more festive. Its one of the other steps I wanted to take which is to buy things for myself that are pretty. That are more than just functional.  I love this new glass.  It feels nice in my hands as I hold it.

I also picked up this beautiful bowl from Japan.  I am not sure how I will use it yet but that doesn't matter.  Right  now its almost like a symbol of the good things I am promising myself this yeat.

How do you nurture yourself?

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  1. Hello Kate! I've been stopping by here for a while (not sure from where but possibly from Art Journal Journey?) and wanted to say hi! I really like your pile of non fiction books - they all look like ones I'd definitely be interested in and I will be putting them on my ever growing list of books I want......or is that need?? I'm sure it's need! Anyway, thanks for showing your reading pile!


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