Monday, January 12, 2015

Bootcamp Begins

Its January so a new session of Sketchbook Skool has started.  Since I have taken all three courses I was invited to take Bootcamp.  It s free course open to those who have taken all three courses.  They plan on covering aspects of all three previous lessons. We have 3 sessions a week.

This first exercise involved fruit and drawing at various steps.  It was quite a fun little exercise. I drew it in ink and then painted it in watercolor.  It was fun stopping and eating between each drawing.

This one I drew on Saturday while watching football. I drew it from some images on Pinterest.  I combine two different ideas.  I made the nose way to short but kept going anyways. I colored her in with InkTense pencils and a waterbrush. Simple but fun.

What did you do to express your creativity today?

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  1. Looks like those boots are made for arting! Love the watercolor effects too.
    Happy Boot Camp!


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