Monday, January 5, 2015

Navigating Through The New Year

On January 1st I chose 3 cards for the year from the Awakening Your Divine Self oracle card deck. I got Daughter, Waiting and Intention.  A pretty powerful set of cards to guide me.  The other thing I plan to do is to choose a card at the beginning of the month. Some great wisdom can be found in an Oracle Deck.  I picked a card one my animal card decks and got Raven so magic is afoot for January indeed. For anyone interested, I now have more oracle decks in stock.  You can purchase your own here.

I have been sick since boxing day and in those moments when I felt better I created some pages in my recycled paintings journal.  Its so fun working in this journal since there is already paint on some of the pages.  I tend to play in it more, having no preconceived notions of what will be there it is very freeing.

This page started from cleaning up in my studio.  I found  scrap with lots of overstamping and brayer marks on it. I glued it right into the journal and started working over it.  I ended up journaling about those unseen guides and how they offer assistance which led to thoughts on bravery and courage and just where does it come from.  Where do you think you get your courage from?

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  1. I hope you are feeling better. The page you made in your journal is so powerful with its tribute to those who guide us. My mom was very courageous during her decade long battle with cancer and I often think of her when I need to be brave, especially concerning health issues.


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