Monday, January 26, 2015

Making Stitch Markers

This past weekend I had one of my pajama party weekends. This is where my friends Cyndi and Shirley come down from Salt Lake City for the weekend. Its a pajama party because we don't get dressed unless we want to. I invite a few other friends over and we have a great time.

One of the things that often happens in these weekends is the stashes of yarn come out and new projects get planned.  My friend Cyndi on the right is a knitter extraordinaire.  She is great at designing and coming up with ideas. That is Shirley in the background.

I came up with a project that w all could do.  We made beaded knitting stitch markers. The instructions can be found here.  This is the first batch I made. I made about 20 more the next day.  So I have a great collection now. We also do a lot of spinning and knitting too.  Its a great time and I always either get a lot done or come away with ideas for new projects or get help with something that I might be stuck on.  Always a great time.

How did you spend your weekend?


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