Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wolf Full Moon

Here are my pages for the Full Wolf Moon. It's also called the Birch Moon. Things to think about are your wild nature as in the wolf, I just had to add this little wolf pup howling. The Birch moon is all about clearing away things from life to make space for something new. That seems so like January to me, people are always looking for new storage solutions, de- cluttering and deciding what they would like their year to be. What steps can I make to clear space from my life is the question I will be asking myself this month.

I recently took Jamie Ridler's offering on planning called Design Your Year.  It was really good, it helped me determine my priorities and see how to plan for them.  One of the things that I want to bring into focus this year is my garden,  I always seem to be so busy when the time to work in it is most important.  This year I am working my schedule around gardening time. It's just one of the insights I learned from this workshop. Information can be found here. The course is only available till Jan 31st but it only takes a few hours to go through.  So check it  out while you can.

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