Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Catching Up With Sketchbook Skool Bootcamp

I had gotten way behind in this bootcamp course so it was time to catch up. We were to choose an artist and see what we could learn.  This is by John William Waterhouse and its called The Soul of the Rose.

We were to do a simple sketch and record what we learned.  Wow I was humbled by this project. The painting is really complex when you start drawing it.  I love how the bun in her hair even looks like a rose and her dressing gown mimic flowers too. The colors used in the piece fascinated me too. The red of her hair is repeated all over the painting. So many shades of green are also used.  The background seems simple but really it is not simple at all

The next two exercises are about your personal history.  I was drawing from tiny little photos but learned a lot from this too. I could see my same eyes in every photo.

Here we were to go to google earth and find our childhood home.  To record the differences. Another fun exercise that had me going down memory lane.

Next we were on to selfies using the fast slow technique. First with watercolor in 60 seconds or less and then in pen for a long time.  Someday I'll make a selfie that I think really looks like me.

This selfie is one continuous line, I look a little scary. A good exercise to practice seeing before you put pen to paper. Its hard not to lift that pen off the paper.

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