Friday, September 30, 2011

Lots of Experimentation

Ah its Friday already, just where did the week go?

This is a collage I made in my Strathmore WC journal. I chose 3 main elements, a person place and a thing, I like to think that the lady is looking down that long railroad track to her future, to the unknown.  The crow is their as her guide, to help her make that first step, to know she is not alone.

This was a little experiment with some new tape I bought recently. After I laid down the greeting card I covered in clear gesso. It gives you a gritty service that you can write on and it takes charcoal really well.

In class we are doing experiment with NevrDull and magazines.  This is so much fun. NevrDull is a wadding polish that you use to rub off the ink.

Some of the part of the pages turn out great and some don't, which doesn't matter since I'll be cutting them up for collage.

Underneath the paper I am putting stamps, embossed wallpaper and other textured items. I even used embossing folders. I have been scouring the house looking for more texture ideas. This was a picture of a towel.

I love how these flowers now sort of look like people.

These were jewels and now they look really cool. I could play with these all day.

 I plan to work in the studio today on several projects and then on Saturday to take part in Massive Action Day Its for writing but I imagine you could use it on any project. I don't plan on doing all 8 hours but I do plan on spending some time on getting some serious writing done.  Check it out and join us if you can.


  1. I like how your backgrounds are looking more integrated, rather than distinct separate layers---I like that (and would like mine to look this way as well)! As per usual, I'm enjoying seeing what you're learning, Kate! xoO

  2. Lots of new goodies here. I really like the pages you did with Nevr-Dull. That's one of the things I plan to play with today.

  3. The page where you used a picture of a towel is just magic! I can see a little farmhouse there (on top) and some almost hidden gates, together with those beautiful hills of green. Really stunning!

  4. Well, that is simply the coolest thing! I had no idea that when I woke up today, I would have been considering purchasing polish of ANY kind. But here I am needing some Never Dull.
    I think I will need you to help me with my blog. I cannot get it to do anything, including just posting, like it used to. So glad I have a techno-saavy friend who teaches me all of these things. You are simply the best!!!

  5. That looks totaly fab! And I love the meaning of the first piece. :)

  6. Thank you for sharing... these are wonderful.
    Very inspiring, all the artwork. :]
    Isn't it fun to experiment?! <3


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