Friday, September 9, 2011

Layered Impressions

I signed up to take Layered Impressions, the online class with Katie Kendrik.  I am so excited to be taking this class.  It starts on Tuesday. If you signup before then you even get a DVD of the class, now that is a great deal. It is more than I usually like to spend on a class but when I looked at the synopsis of what we will be doing I thought it was amazing.  I think it will be well worth price. Katie is an amazing artist and I feel like we will really being going on a journey with her.

I added some collages and journaling to the some of those pages I did while in N. Idaho a few weeks ago.

If you are one of those artists who gets a background done and then doesn't know what to do next, I thought I would offer a little advice. I tend to look at the colors of the background and then will pull out my stash of collage items and start placing things on top that I think will look good. I may go through a lot of images before I choose one that I like. Or there may be several I place on the background and then finally just choose one over the other. The process becomes intuitive at some point, what I choose may end up being an image that I just get a good feeling about. I have often used an image I have left on my desk from a precious art session.

Some artists plan the whole page before glueing anything down. I do that sometimes, but often I just glue down and image and then look for something else, it seems more spontaneous that way. I just don't think that much about it, just go for my first thoughts and glue it down. If my background is a collage in itself I make the collage on top simple. I think the idea is just to play, whatever you do will be just fine.


  1. I do much the same thing when I use collage. It's not something I plan out in advance. I just work intuitively with the colors. I like your collaged pages....especially the one with "love" and the map.

  2. You are just so great! And so are your pages! I have to remind myself not to think too much when I am working in my journal. When I look back at my pages as a whole, the common theme seems to be "quit thinking". Always needing a reminder.

  3. Great advice you give about laying out your collage material on a background. Your collages are always so interesting and artsy. The charcoal work you did in a previous post is amazing! Good work! xoxo

  4. Oh, Kate the class looks SO GOOD. How exciting!

    I'm still not doing much art and struggling with foregrounds. This summer I've had someone close to me going through a lot and have been focusing on other things...but I hope to get back to things this weekend (maybe this weekend I'll actually make the time) and learn how to process things via my art instead of seeing it as more work. I've had times when I've done that, but it's been fleeting.

    Now I think that I may actually do a post tomorrow on this :) Thanks for the idea about how to bring the foregrounds in. I am convinced that my main problem is letting go and allowing myself to play.

    Thanks for the inspiration, and I just know you'll enjoy the class...xoO


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