Monday, September 5, 2011

Completing the Artshine Traveling Sketchbook

I have been working in the various books of the Artshine Traveling Sketchbook for over a year and this is the last one. The theme was the female figure and I had a hard time coming up with something I thought I could do. I have never drawn a female body so I was a little apprehensive. Plus I had no models who were offering to pose for me.

So I started out with a collage. I chose this paper as it looked like wallpaper to me.  I wanted it to look old and faded so I added a wash of thinned gesso to it. I took a floral stamp and used sepia ink to age it a little. I am not sure what else it needed so I left it simple.
 I starIU ed shkhskhkj

Here I used a magazine image as a model and drew her in vine charcoal. Charcoal is so forgiving, you make a mistake and your friend the kneaded eraser comes to the rescue. I should work in charcoal more. This was fun.

I am including this for Sunday Sketches too, so you can check other ones here

Happy Labor Day everyone!


  1. Beautiful and sensual sketch, Kate. Thank you for sharing with us. :) I went in to Mr. Linky and added you to the list. Hugs

  2. Love your sketches, fantastic! :]
    Always a pleasure to visit your blog.
    Happy Monday <3

  3. Both are beautifully done- Kudos to you for trying something new
    Johnina :D

  4. Your charcoal sketch is really good. If that is your first female form then you should have no trouble doing more. It looks great to me! I've never used charcoal very much. Maybe I should give it a try.

  5. Looks great! They will look lovely in the book! You make it look easy!

  6. Kate these are really great. You should do more of this.

  7. Nice job on shading her back - that is what really gives it life


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