Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Zen Tree and a Video

I have to interrupt my previous scheduled blogpost for a news update: My trip to Oregon has been cancelled. Dave took the trailer in for a new tire because we noticed the tread on one was bad. That is when we were told the axle was bent. Cost to repair is 1600.00, no longer under warranty. Life sucks sometimes.

I started this zentree awhile ago and finished it last week. The tree was created in a moleskine watercolor notebook with micron and faber-castell pitt pens and some pencil. It was fun. Now that I have done the zen raven and the zen tree hmm I wonder what I should do next.


I found this video the other day and this is such a cool idea. If you have stamps like I do, this is a new way to personalize them and make the work unique. Often I have used a paintbrush with stamping ink and sometimes it works well and other times it does not. These little nibs work great.


  1. So sorry about your trip to Oregon being cancelled ~ that's a bummer. I will send a prayer up anyway because all things are possible with God.
    Love your zen tree and all the texture you have added.
    I also love this video, I had no idea that Tim Holtz had such detailed stamps! Thanks for sharing this.

    HOpe your day goes better.
    Many blessings.

  2. aw...sorry to hear that.....but I'm loving your pen can work out your tensions in each line and stroke!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  3. sorry to hear about your trip! more time to create, I guess!!

  4. Sorry about the trip ! ;-(
    Yes, life does get sucky sometimes. Perhaps there is something you need to be at home for lurking ? Who knows. I am sure you will find a silver lining once you get over the hurt part !
    Keep looking for that zen moment, Miss Kate !

  5. That's too bad about your trip. But maybe there's a reason why it's something better will happen during that time. You just never know.

    Your zentangle tree is so cool. I think you should make a whole nature series.

    And thanks for that video link. I learned something new!

  6. such a great tutorial- thanksso much for sharing
    Johnina :A


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