Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Little River Time

I saw this book at my friend Jolene's house and knew I had to have it.  Combining zentangle like drawings and mandalas, its perfect for me.  There is some good instructions on creating patterns, designing mandalas and even a complex labyrinth.  I can't wait to try some of the techniques in here.

I needed some river therapy on Monday so I headed out for a walk on the Snake River. If I lived on the coast I'd be on the ocean but since I am not I settled for the river.  There is something about water that feeds my soul.

It was very cold out, so I bundled up and enjoyed being out in nature.  It was just what I needed.

Yesterday this little guy hit one our windows and was stunned.  So I picked him up.

I went into the house for my phone to take a few close up pictures. I could feel his little heart beat away. He was still a little out of it and not scared.

Back outside I tried to put him on a branch.  He could cling but then fell over.  Then I found a bush to put him under, hoping he'd be safe from cats.  He ended up flying away after a little bit of recovery time.

I had to head out to a Dr. appointment. while in the waiting room, I drew the pictures on my phone and created a nice little page. Being an artist is pretty cool when you can record events like this.



  1. Wonderful rescue, photos,drawings and notes on the little Finch .
    I love nature journals. <3

  2. We have a window that birds fly into often. It always makes my heart sink when I hear that thud but luckily none of them have died. I'm glad your little guy was okay. Great drawings of the bird.

    Lucky you to be near water. I wish we had water near where we live. I agree that there's nothing like it to soothe your soul.


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