Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A New Journal Tutorial Sort Of

You know they something about best made plans of mice and men often go awry. I decided on a project, took some pictures along the way, tried a video two but there are som many missing part that its not truly a tutorial anymore. I'll share what I can.

I have a lot of fearless paintings that I have made over the years.  Some when I took Total Alignement, BIG and DEEP and others I painted when I went to Sedona. I thought they would make a great journal.  First I folded the paintings in half and cut them in two.

I took each of those sheets and folded them in half  and then in half again and cut the pages on the bottom. They came out to be about 9 X12, a great journal size.

Here is the pile of paintings all folded. Lots of different colors.

I ended up with 6 signatures with 5 pages in each signature.

 The covers I used were from old pads of paper. I bound the book using the coptic stitch. I always use this video. its the best description of this binding I have seen.

Then I needed to decorate the covers.  This is the front and I used prints I made with the gelli plate.  Some are on tyvek and some on deli paper. I glued them down with gel medium and covered the front with Dorlands Wax medium.  It gave the cover a nice glossy feel and protects the paper.

The back cover included gelli prints I had made into tags.  They were layered on back cover and then covered with the wax.

This journal feels so nice. It is going to be so fun to work in.  Every other page is blank. ON the painted pages I'll be either painting over them or adding to them.

This page has so much color that I am sure it will be fun to play with.

Or this one.

Even the subtle color in this will be fun.

and now my first page in this journal. I think this must have resulted from watching The Big Bang Theory and their episode about the prom. I painted around the part of the painting that looked like a dress.  Add a little journaling and that was it.  Art Journaling is such fun.

Have you ever made your own journal?



  1. Kate, this looks like such a fun journal. I look forward to seeing what you do with it. I've made several of my own journals. I'm in the process of gathering materials for another one.


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