Friday, November 14, 2014

More Work In My New Journal

On this page in the new journal I saw the image of a baby and took to the idea of birthing something new.  I have some ideas for new things for the new year so I see myself peculating these ideas.  All th imagery I created I relate to seed or seedpods, kernels of ideas to let grow.  I am quite happy how this page turned out. I need to remember to take the before pics next time.

I was very frustrated with my writing so I started this black page with writing, my complaint to the universe.  I added gesso and spray ink on top. Then I wrote again, this time more empowering words, covered those with distress stains and then lots of oil pastel.  Then I pulled out a stencil and painted the black lines.  

I tried writing with gel pen and none of my pens would work over the paint. I ended up using a script liner brush and white paint to do the swirls.

Next I decided to try writing in the colored areas.  None of the black markers worked either.  I painted over it with medium to seal the oil pastel but that did not work either.  At last resort I chose a dip pen and India Ink. The only thing that seemed to work.  Finally.


  1. WOW great seeing your page birthing from seedpod idea. Also liked how you followed through with your writing page. Journaling can be very spiritual

  2. A great venture from bith. Well done


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