Monday, November 10, 2014

Meet Jariel

This is Jariel, wow that is 2 men in two days thats a record for me. Drawing men is a challenge for sure. Jariel comes from a land called Abakhan, think the Mongolian Steppes.  He lives in a yurt, rides a magnificent horse and laments the loss of his wife and child. My main character Caitlin will become mesmerized by him the moment they meet.

He came out ok but doesn't have the spark of the picture I drew him from.  Something I'll have to work on. He needs to have a cooler tattoo next time.  Drawing my characters is helping me know them better.


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  1. Jariel's description sounds great, and you did a good job with him. Bringing your characters to life with both words and drawings must be exciting. When I paint faces I usually give them a name and think of them with certain personalities. It just happens, although I don't have the words to go along with my vision. I'm terrible at writing!


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