Thursday, November 20, 2014


This is from Spectrum class on Flow

Its a simple piece, I had on soothing music and picked out watery colors and just painted. Nothing complex, no unlimited supplies. Just a brush some paint and letting it all be. Sometimes its as simple as that, and that is enough. My wish for you today is that you flow effortlessly through your day.

Speaking of flow, things have been a little too intense and overwhelming lately so I am going to take a little blogging break.  I try to do it all in November but alas its not possible. Something has to give. So I am stepping back from a few things, changing my expectations of others and navigating my way in the world in a different way.  See you in December.


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  1. I've been super busy and missed a few of your posts. I love the trees and their roots. And the piece you did with the ancestor figures is beautiful.

    Enjoy your break. I know this is a busy month for you. See you when you return.


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